A privacy centered token

UBDI token information

Ticker: UBDI
Mining: GPU/CPU
Role: Store of data value
Total supply : 10,000,000,000 tokens
Initial User Bonus : 1,000,000,000 tokens
Availability: Mining, Data Contributions

Introducing an asset and revenue backed token

The UBDI Token rewards you for contributing data while continuously enjoying more income as the data economy grows. UBDI is designed as a store of data value where data is weighted by variety of parameters.


Cryptonote Algorithm


AMD/Nvidia GPU Compatible


AMD/Intel CPU Compatible


Backed by Data + Revenue


Proprietary Multi-Device Pool

UBDI Blockchain

Mining at its core

A mineable token for all

We want your excess computing power to go to work for you. With UBDI, you can finally mine a revenue-backed token, with an extra smartphone, desktop, laptop, or tablet.

With exciting partnerships, you will be able to mine while you browse the news or after you flip off Fortnite to earn extra VBucks

Why we're mineable

  • Increases user ownership of the network
  • Adds access to UBDI through everyday technology
  • Limits supply to a predictable, honest, and transparent schedule
  • Private ledger keeps transactions hidden
  • We hope creative revenue models based on mining & engagement
    could kill pesky pop up ads, and the data they need to target us
Mining Pool

We want to take mining mainstream

Our pool will make mining UBDI from desktops, browser extensions, smartphones, and other IoT devices an effortless experience