It only takes a million people to change the world. Earn up to 1,000 UBDI while helping build the world's first user controlled data community.

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Our mission

Be the boss of your data

Our digital history is a valuable tool that can be used or abused.

With UBDI, you’ll always have a secure place to store the parts of your life you want to keep private, with the option to join other users and earn income from your anonymous insights.

For example, while your spotify listening preferences may be relatively worthless on their own, with enough data, bands can plan stops with more fans, record labels can sign the artists with the most obsessive fans, and your favorite band might finally schedule a show near you.

  • Secure your data
  • Consent to share insights
  • Earn UBDI

Earn an income when you share insights about your data

Data is an asset everyone has and its time you share in the billions companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have made watching, collecting, and selling your data, while we keep your data safe!

When you consent and opt in to anonymized insights with UBDI, we issue you our digital currency (UBDIs) that can be exchanged for $USD or a cryptocurrency of your choosing.

We drive revenue into the token so you can can continuously share in the value your data generates as more users enter the collective and more valuable insights are created.

The Token


I can sell Insights, not data? That’s right!

Our architecture makes it possible for companies to ask: How much money was spent in coffee shops today? UBDI accesses the sources you’ve consented to, analyzes the data across all user devices, and gives the company the information they need without having to give the company your raw sensitive data.


Adding a stream of income has never been so streamlined

Connect Sources

Link accounts from over 15,000+ data sources on the app.


Give UBDI consent to monetize the anonymous insights in your secure data vault

Get paid

Get your first payday for sharing and continously earn for your contributions. Your UBDI tokens can be exchanged for USD, BTC, and more!

Claiming your income

Here's how it works

Register for early adopter bonus
Link accounts &
give consent
Earn your first
UBDI payday
Data subcribers
pay for anonymous
Revenue is returned to you via the token
Send, exchange,
or save UBDI

Checks & balances
for your protection

We built checks and balances into our design with our partnership.’s architecture means they don’t see, touch, or hold your data giving you complete control and the only key for accessing your data. encrypts, decentralizes, and secures your raw, sensitive data from all of your 15,000+ data sources in an encrypted cloud of your choosing! has been coded so they can ONLY release data for UBDI’s analysis that you’ve explicitly consented to from their app! While it may seem like an extra step, we don’t expect blind trust so we coded privacy and checks and balances into our design!

Their user-controlled architecture has made them the gold standard for privacy and security for 8 years in Europe!


Data Sources

Privacy Awards
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Where we're going

UBDI Road Map

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Dana Budzyn

CEO & Founder

Mark Kilaghbian

Chief Product Officer

Shane Green

Executive Chair & Founder

Harun Smrkovic

Chief Technology Officer

Bruno Canales

Lead UI/UX Designer


Itai Grinberg

Georgetown Tax Law Professor

David Nayer

Arcade City COO

Tarik Kurspahic EVP Technology


Have any questions?

What is an UBDI token?

Each UBDI token is a representative piece of the total data in our UBDI Market, or Gross Data Product. Our tokens are built on the CryptoNote protocol, with a capped supply of 10,000,000,000 tokens to be distributed to users, developers, and partners.

Why don't you pay me in cash?

UBDI tokens are backed by a valuable, reusable asset (data) and allow you to capture the present and future value of your data. By taking earnings and buying back tokens from users, UBDI will be as liquid as cash, while giving its holders a piece of the UBDI data GDP.

What is mining and how can I mine UBDI?

Mining allows anyone to chip in to power our token's transaction network. Once UBDI is launched, you'll be able to put your computer or smartphone to work, earning UBDI along the way! You will be able to access the UBDI mining pool with a capable CPU or GPU from desktops, web browsers, and even mobile apps.

Where is data stored?

Our is stored on device through's localized yet decentralized network. While blockchains are an incredible reliable means of recording transactions, their ability to cheaply, privately and securely store data is yet to be proven, with costs often exceeding $5/gb. doesn't see touch or hold data, so users have the only key.

Can I use services like Facebook login to link my accounts ?

When users sign into profiles with 3rd party apps like Facebook login, it creates a channel for your data to be shared without your explicit consent. Our global security experts have refused to trust API's with demonstrated vulnerabilities. So for your data's safety... no!

How can I invest?

Simply download the UBDI app and start syncing sources, or mine UBDI with a laptop, desktop, or mobile device.